Our Story

Good Fruit Electric was born from two unlikely parents.  Heavy Machines, Inc. and Joe Howard.   Heavy Machines, Inc. was founded in 1971.  They sold and serviced Letourneau Forestry Equipment as a primary equipment line in the 70's and 80's.  Letourneau Machines are powered by electric motor and generators.  Tom Emerson of Heavy Machines had a vision of not only servicing the Letourneau Log Stackers and Cranes, but also repairing the motors that powerd these machines.  HMI electric was built and started in 1980.  Joe Howard was born in 1981 to a family of Electric Motor Repairmen.  Joe grew up working in his family's motor repair shop.  After over twenty years of being part of a growing family business, Joe wanted to have a place of his own.  Heavy Machines, Inc. had moved toward sales and service of more traditional diesel and hydraulic powered equipment.  The motor shop was starting to branch out into Industrial repair as well as continued expert service of Letourneau equipment.  Heavy Machines made a strategic decision to divest of the motor shop.  Joe Howard was looking for that opportunity to shape a motor repair company of his own.  Good Fruit Electric was born.  Good Fruit Electric is a unique motor repair shop, with the years of Letourneau knowledge and technical information from the experienced folks came to Good Fruit Electric from Heavy Machines combined with Joe Howard's experience and proven process from 20 years of motor repair in the industrial market.  This combination give Good Fruit Electric the opportunity to serve two diverse markets.  Our Core Focus at Good Fruit Electric is to grow machine uptime through rotating equipment, maintenance, monitoring, and repair.